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What is Frosh Week?

Frosh Week takes place the week before the Arts & Science academic year begins at the University of Toronto.

Frosh week aims to ease the transition for all new students of Woodsworth College through social, cultural, and educational programming. All of the events that take place during Frosh are inclusive and accessible for all students no matter what their interests or backgrounds may be.

Frosh is intended to not only orient new students to the University of Toronto, but also to welcome them to their new home, Woodsworth College.

Frosh week was the best memory of my undergraduate career thus far. I met many of the people who are my best friends today and learned tips and skills that attributed to my success at U of T. Frosh WILL make your best memories.

Patrick, 2013 Frosh

Well, frosh week was an absolute blast! I ended up enjoying every single day, met tons of new friends, and got a glimpse of just how awesome U of T is! Frosh is simply the magic of Woodsworth at its best! Now, can YOU hear the Wolfpack rumble?

Aleks, 2012 Frosh

Coming to U of T as an international student, I didn't know anyone. But Woodsworth's friendly and welcoming environment (and not to mention extremely fun and diverse) made me feel right at home. It felt like I just naturally belonged here. Be excited for one of the best weeks of your life!

Beatriz, 2013 Frosh

Frosh was amazing! I didn't know a single person, but by the end of frosh I'd met some of my really good friends today. I remember being both excited & nervous about university, but now I'm so happy to have chosen Woodsworth as my new home.

Roxane, 2013 Frosh

Frosh week was completely epic. I met a lot of amazing people, and some are still my closet friends. I remember feeling an extreme withdrawal after it was all over. I would do anything to be a froshee again. At Woodsworth, it’s always a good time. Join the wolfpack, we don’t bite ;)

Amy, Frosh 2012

Coming from a small town across the country, I didn’t know anyone. Any nervousness I had ended when Frosh started. I met great people from around the world and participated in great events. Frosh is a week of new friends, fun and great experiences.

Victoria, Frosh 2011