Woodsworth College, U of T

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Woodsworth College Students Association

YOUR student association that brings you Frosh week plus so much more! Find out more!

Office of the Dean of Students

This site brings you the latest updates on Dean's Office programming such as the First Year Mentorship Program. Check it out!

Woodsworth College Residence

For those living in residence, this site will tell you what to bring, when you move in, plus more. Click here!

What is Frosh Week?

Frosh Week takes place the week before the Arts & Science academic year begins at the University of Toronto. Frosh week aims to ease the transition for all new students of Woodsworth College through social, cultural, and educational programming. All of the events that take place during Frosh are inclusive and accessible for all students no matter what their interests or backgrounds may be. Frosh is intended to not only orient new students to the University of Toronto, but also to welcome them to their new home, Woodsworth College.

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Feeling Under the Weather? iamsick.ca Has You Covered!

Every year, thousands of students move onto the University of Toronto campuses. It doesn’t matter if you moved from the suburbs, from another province, or from another continent. Initially,...
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LGBTQ Resources & Support

Hello Woodsworth students! My name is Tom and I am here to talk to you about some of the amazing student groups and resources for LGBTQ students here at Woodsworth College and U of T! Like most...
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Our One Loves

A few more of us on the Frosh committee would like to share our one loves with you! 6 days until the “BEST-WEEK-EVER” !
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Should I Participate in Frosh Week?…YES!

Should I participate in Frosh week? …YES! Coming into my first year at the University of Toronto, I didn’t know a single person. I was on my own with over 65, 000 other undergraduate...
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