From WCSA, With Love

Hey Wolfpack!

Firstly, welcome to your new home at Woodsworth! We are so excited to have you join our family.

The Woodsworth College Students’ Association (a.k.a. WCSA) is your student council, made up of student representatives elected by you to serve, represent and advocate for the students of Woodsworth College. We organize social, cultural, athletic, and academic events with your diverse interests and needs in mind. Among the various services provided by WCSA, we also offer funding to Woodsworth Clubs and to students for one-time events and academic endeavours. We are constantly expanding our offerings to include professional development workshops, as we strive to build a sense of community at the biggest college on campus!

You’ll see our board members around during frosh week (wearing bright green shirts, you literally can’t miss us!), so please talk to us and ask us any questions you might have! Getting involved with WCSA is a great way to connect with the Woodsworth community, so be sure to like us on Facebook ( and Instagram (@mywcsa) to stay up-to-date with all of our events and initiatives and to find out more information about our by-elections happening in late September. You can also check out our website ( to find out more information. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

See you soon! #1loveWW

Off-Campus Directors Message about Commuting to Frosh!

Hello there, commuters of the Wolf Pack!

WCSA Off-Campus Directors

As your Off-Campus Directors, we’ve done our fair share of commuting and it is definitely NOT as big of a nightmare as it is played out to be. Being a commuter, especially during Orientation, can actually be a lot of fun!


Woodsworth is very proud to be able to provide residence accommodations EXCLUSIVELY to commuter students participating in Orientation Week. You have the option of purchasing the residence add-on and stay in the magnificent Woodsworth College Residence during the week for a mere $25!! This is a great chance for you to meet students living both off-campus and in the residence (and make friends who can give you a place to crash on campus during your hard commute days in first year *wink wink* ).


The add-on runs from Tuesday, September 8 to Sunday September 13. Those who purchase the add-on will be sleeping with 9 other students of the same gender in one of the Woodsworth Residence common rooms.


What to bring to the Residence:

  • Sleeping Bag.
  • Blankets & pillows.
  • Towels & shower supplies.
  • Clothes for the week.
  • Extra money you plan on spending.


What NOT to bring:

  • Alcohol/ drugs of any kind (this is a dry frosh)
  • Expensive items such as laptops, iPads etc.


Hurry up because the add-ons are running out! The last date to purchase them is the 22nd of August.

To learn more about life as a commuter in Woodsworth, spot us during Frosh and come hang out with us. We’re so excited to meet you!


Samantha and Novera.

Woodsworth’s Declassified Commuter Survival Guide

Hello there lovely people! Welcome to your one love, Woodsworth! We know that commuting to school can be a challenge but you can still have an amazing, fun and inclusive university experience even when you are not living in residence! We wrote up a survival guide for our incoming commuter students with our favourite tips and tricks for making the most of your Woodsworth college and U of T experience while you are commuting from home!

1. Know your route and campus short cuts! Whether you’re on the TTC, Go Bus or Train or walking to the campus – make sure you take in consideration the delays that you might encounter. Always a good idea to keep buffer time in between the time you get downtown to the time of your class!

2. If possible, rent a locker on campus! Woodsworth has amazing facilities and you can rent a locker to store some essential items on campus too! Whether it’s for a Hart House class or just a precautionary backup.

3. Find a nice spot and activity that you like on campus that makes you happy! In between the rush of commuting, schoolwork and co-curriculars, make sure you have something that can cheer you up and help de-stress.

4. Bring food and/or snacks from home! It is a lot more economical and healthier than eating out.

5. Be connected with UofT social media via Twitter or Facebook. There are times when classes might be cancelled or various events happening on campus that you might not hear about and are already halfway in your commute. This is definitely a very helpful way of being more involved on campus.

I really hope this helps and that you all have a great start to university life! We can’t wait to see you all at FROSH WEEK 2015! #1loveWW

Making the Most of Your Residence Experience

We know moving into residence can be a nerve wracking experience, but, when done right, it can be one of the most rewarding parts of your first year experience! To make sure you have the best year you can, here are some of our top tips to make sure you get the most out of your residence experience!


Keep Your Door Open

You are going to be put in a position where you have the opportunity to meet a lot of new people, some of whom may become very good friends of yours throughout your university career! Though it may be a little daunting to go out into the hallway and say hello to the random girl in the room beside yours, keeping your door open is a good way to indirectly say hello to the other people in your suite or on your floor, and to let them know you are open to meeting new people and want to talk! U of T is full of so many amazing people; you don’t want to cut yourself off from the opportunity of meeting them by keeping your door closed all the time!



Living in residence, you are going to be given the opportunity to attend many events put on by your floor dons, your residence building and by Woodsworth college itself! We think that you should definitely participate in these! A long the same lines as the keep your door open tip, these events, just like Frosh, are run specifically to give you the opportunity to have fun and meet new people! Bring your suite mate and head to your residence socials; maybe you will meet your musical soul mate as you’re both jamming out to that new Kanye West song! You’ll never know unless you go, and we definitely think you should! What you do outside of class is what makes your university experience special, so make sure you participate in as much as you can!


Get to Know Your Don

Contrary to popular belief, your floor don is not only there to come and tell you to turn your music down in the middle of the night! Dons are a great resource, right there on your floor! From study tips to problems with your roommate, as well as questions about major and where to bring your parents when they come to visit, your dons are a wealth of information that you really want to take advantage of! (As well, in our experience, dons love it when you come by their room to chat, and they might even give you free food!)


Set the Rules and Don’t Forget your Patience

As easy going as you may think you are, when you are living with new people, there are going to be habits that your suitemates/floormates/roommates are going have that will annoy you. Make sure you and the other people you are living with set the rules early on when it comes to the very important aspects of living together, such as cleanliness and guests. Can’t sleep at night if there are dishes in the sink? Let them know! Love having friends over all the time? Talk about it! The earlier everyone is on the same page, the better! However, do remember to be patient with your new roommates, you have to adjust to living around each other, you’ll fall into a pattern where you can all get along and love living with one another, we promise!


Check out What’s Around You!

Take advantage of living in an amazing city like Toronto and check out all of the restaurants, cafes and attractions around your residence building! I lived in Woodsworth Residence for my first two years and didn’t go to the Café Murcurio located right downstairs until the second semester of my second year! How ridiculous is that! So definitely don’t make my mistake and take advantage of the amazing city around you!


Scope out the Laundry Room

With the amount of people living in your residence building, there is bound to be a time of day when there is no chance at all of you finding a free washing machine or dryer! On the other hand, you will find that there are definitely better times during the day, when there is no one else doing laundry, and so you can take up those four washing machines to separate all your different coloured ironic t-shirts! Whether that be very early in the morning on a Tuesday, or in the middle of the night on a Friday, figure out the time that works best for you so that laundry is a piece of cake!


Work on that Work, Play, Sleep Balance (and Ask for Help!)

Your time at U of T can be some of the best years of your life! You meet so many amazing people and have the opportunity to participate in some amazing activities! Especially when you are living in residence! However, there is the academic side to the university experience, which is what you are here for! Spend your first year in residence learning what your ideal Work, Play and Sleep balance is, so that your first university experience is the best it can be! If you are having a hard time figuring this out, don’t be afraid to ask for help! Your residence don, registrar, or even upper year students like your frosh leaders can give you some amazing advice about maintaining that balance, and making sure your first year in residence is as amazing as it can be!



Have any more questions about residence? Check out Woodsworth Residence’s website: or the Dean of Students website:

4 Simple Rules for Surviving the TTC

Toronto Subway Car

The TTC stands for the Toronto Transit Commission and involves all of the modes of public transportation for the City of Toronto! Every Torontonian has a love/hate relationship with the TTC, and the whole system can take a little time getting used to! We thought some insider information would be helpful for those of you who will be using the TTC this coming September! Here are our tips for making life on the TTC a little bit easier!

Know the Station or Stop Closest to your ClassroomSt. George Station

There are three TTC subway stations on U of T’s campus, situated fairly well spread out across the campus: St. George station, Museum station and Queens Park station. St. George station has two entrances/exits. The first exists right out onto St. George Street, just north of Bloor, and the other exits onto Bedford Road, which is right across Bloor from Varsity Stadium. Museum StationMuseum station exits right outside of Victoria College and Queens Park station exits at the intersection of University and College streets (right beside the pharmacy building!) When you are thinking of taking the TTC to class, use Google Maps to find the address of the building, and you’ll be able to find the station or streetcar stop closest to your building!

Download a Transit App!Queens Park Station

The best way to make sure the TTC is running on time, or to find out when the next train/bus/street car is coming to your stop, is to download a “real time” transit app. Our favourite apps are called “Rocket Man” and “The Transit App”! They are TTC specific apps with all the current information on all of those pesky subway delays and bus route diversions!

Give Yourself Extra Time

Even if you have checked your Rocket Man app 20 times that morning, and there are no New Toronto Street Cardelays on Line 1, the one thing you can always count on when it comes to the TTC is unexpected delays. Make sure you give yourself extra time to get to your classes, especially when you have tests or presentations, so that you don’t miss something important due to a signal failure at St. Clair Station! Most professors are pretty understanding when it comes to transit related lateness (every Torontonian knows the struggle of the TTC delay), but you just don’t want to be in that situation!

PRESTO ReaderSave Money with Transit Cards

If you have to take the TTC to class every day, then the cheapest option is definitely purchasing a monthly post-secondary TTC pass. For a set price, you have unlimited rides on the TTC, so for the everyday commuter it is definitely the best option! But, if you only take the TTC occasionally, maybe to go home and see your parents, visiting friends at other Toronto universities or heading over to Dundas for some Uncle Tetsu Authentic Japanese Cheesecake, then a PRESTO card is a great option for saving money! PRESTO is a re-loadable transit card that can get you on the TTC for a reduced rate! 14 subway stations, including St. George and Queens Park, and all of the new Streetcars currently take PRESTO. Apply and reload your card online and pay more than 50 cents less for each TTC ride!


Registration FAQ

A bit confused about some parts of the registration process? Take a look at our FAQ and hopefully it will clear it all up for you! Any more questions? Feel free to email us at or message us on our Facebook page Woodsworth Frosh 2015!

What does the Regular Package include?

The Regular Package gives you access to all of our regularly scheduled events (excluding Add-On events), your frosh shirt & a few goodies (to be picked up at Registration on September 8!). You must purchase a regular package to be admitted to events.

I live in residence, do I still need to purchase a Frosh Package?

Anyone who wants to attend any of our Woodsworth Frosh events must purchase a Frosh Package, otherwise they will not be admitted.

What if I can’t attend all the events? Can I still come to frosh week?

Of course you can still come! Your purchase of a Frosh Package gives you entrance to all the events, you’re not required to come to every event (BUT we highly encourage you to, and we would love to see you at every event!)

It won’t let me change the name for the billing address, and I’m not the cardholder for the credit card I’m using. What do I do?

First off, a lot of people have been having this issue, so don’t worry! If the cardholder is comfortable, you can list your own name, but with the correct billing address, it still goes through. If they are not comfortable with this, please process your registration with their name, but list your name in the section at the bottom for “anything else you think we should know”.

Should I be using my own email address, or that of the cardholder?

Please enter an email address we can contact you personally at, as we’ll be sending you important information! PLEASE NOTE, our emails are often mislabeled as junk, especially with addresses, so please check your junk mailbox for our emails. Because of this, we recommend you list a non-utoronto address that you regularly check.

What’s my student number?

Your student number is the same as your applicant number! It’s ten digits long, and should start with a 1.

How do the shirt sizes fit?

The shirts are Gildan Unisex sizing, S-3XL. Below is a size chart. Please note if you have already purchased a frosh package and selected XS as your shirt size, you will be receiving a Small as this is the smallest size available.

T shirt size chartCan I bring my non-Woodsworth friends to frosh events like Club Night or Boat Cruise?

Woodsworth Frosh is an orientation for Woodsworth students, so unfortunately you must be a Woodsworth student to participate. We do have a few events with other colleges (including our Block Party with Trinity College and Games Night with the Music department!), as well as university-wide events like the parade run by the UTSU (University of Toronto Students’ Union). Apart from these, non-Woodsworth Students will not be admitted to our events. (However, your Woodsworth College Students Association, WCSA, does hold many events throughout the year that non-WW students can attend, and there are often tickets specifically for them! Check out for previous events they’ve held.)

Are you providing any food for us during the week?

All the meals listed in the detailed schedule will be provided for you. Unfortunately, as much as we wish we could, we are unable to provide every meal throughout the week, so the remaining meals are up to you. One of the great things about Woodsworth is that it’s right next to the Annex, where there are so many amazing restaurants including pizza (Famoso is your OEC’s fav), Chinese, Greek, Japanese, etc.

What is the residence add-on?

The residence add on is for commuter students who are currently not in any residence, and runs from Tuesday, September 8 to Sunday September 13. Those who purchase the add on will be sleeping with 9 other students of the same gender in one of the Woodsworth Residence common rooms. You must bring your own sleeping bag, pillow, and anything else you need for the week. Please note as this is in the common rooms, it does not affect residence wait list for residence spots.

I’m a transfer student from another school, so this technically isn’t my first year of university, but it’s my first year of U of T! Can I still attend Woodsworth Frosh Week?

If you’re a transfer student that will be a degree student, that is finishing a university degree program here, at U of T, then yes, you are eligible to participate!

Last Event Reveal!

Image of capture the flag eventOur final event reveal is finally here!

Play an epic game of capture the flag under the city lights in the final event of day 2 of Frosh week 2015! Split into two teams, you, all your new friends and all your amazing Frosh leaders (and even us OEC’s) will duke it out for Frosh Week Capture the Flag supremacy! The prize? Bragging rights for the rest of the week of course!

Show us what you’ve got Woodsworth!

Now that our last event has been revealed, check out the schedule page to see the full, complete schedule for Frosh 2015! It is going to be such an amazing week!


Registration Instructions!

Hello future wolfpack members!

I am Radha, your registration manager for Frosh Week 2015! I wholeheartedly welcome you all to our amazing community; your home away from home!

I am writing this blog post because registration begins in FIVE more days and I want all of you to register for the best week of your university careers! We have so much planned for you and I cannot emphasize enough how wonderful it will be. Believe me, we can barely contain our excitement!

Below you can find out how to reserve your spot for Woodsworth College Orientation Week 2015!

Step 1 – Log onto our website

Step 2 – Click on the registration tab.

Step 3 – Read the instructions carefully provided on the top of that page (they’re super important!)

Step 4 – Scroll down to find everything you can purchase to make your orientation week amazing! Choose a package (earlybird or traditional) and follow the instructions that follow! Don’t forget to get those add-ons!

Early Bird packages are only available for a limited about of time, so make sure you register as soon as possible if you want this awesome deal! The registration period however will run until mid-way through August so don’t worry if you miss the Early Bird period, we have enough packages for everyone!

Frosh week was the highlight of my university career twice and I cannot wait to make it as amazing for you all as it was for me!

I’ll see you all in September at your One Love, Woodsworth!



Hidden Gems on Campus

Though there are lots of information sessions and tours held throughout the summer to get you acquainted with the layout of U of T’s beautiful campus, they mostly only show you the large, main areas of campus that you will be frequenting most often on your day to day lives here at the University of Toronto. But, however nice King’s College Circle, and Sydney Smith Hall are, U of T is full of hidden gems not very well known to many people, that make this campus the spectacular place it is! If you are looking for a great place to study, eat lunch, or just hang out with your friends, these hidden gems on campus are places that we think you can’t miss! You can also impress your friends with your extensive knowledge of beautiful places on campus!


Knox College Courtyard


One of the lesser known buildings on campus, a place you might walk past every day on your way to Convocation Hall, Knox College is home to one of the most gorgeous courtyards on campus. Surrounded by beautiful gardens and the historic stonewalls, studying here feels like you’ve been transported to the castles of Westeros on Game of Thrones. There are tables with chairs and plugs for studying, and benches throughout the gardens for sipping coffee by yourself or with a friend. When the weather is nice, this is my go to spot to enjoy the beautiful scenery of U of T while getting some work done!


Monk School of Global Affairs Gardens


One of the most sophisticated feeling spaces on campus, the Gardens in front of the Monk School feel less like you are sitting in a North American city, and more like you have been transported to 18th century French Chateau. Bring your lunch in between classes, or finish up reading that novel for ENG140, aesthetically, this place has an atmosphere you aren’t going to find anywhere else on campus!


Philosophers Walk


Not only is this path a great shortcut to some of the buildings on campus, Philosophers Walk is a real feast for the eyes no matter what the season, but in my opinion, particularly in the autumn! Canada is known for the beautiful leaves on the trees in the autumn and Philosophers Walk is one of the best places to take in the beautiful scenery! Located between the Royal Ontario Museum and the Monk School of Global Affairs, the entrance to the walk is a beautiful detour off the busy streets of Toronto. Grab your favourite hot autumn drink and take a stroll, it’s a great place to take a break from your studies!


University College Quad


Do you remember watching Harry Potter for the first time? How desperate you were to go to a school like Hogwarts? Well University College, particularly the quad, is about as close you are going to get here in Canada! Bring your readings for class, catch a performance by the UC Follies, take in the gorgeous scenery, and you might just feel those childhood dreams of attending the same school Hermione Granger come to life!


Though these are our four favourite hidden gems on campus, there are so many more to discover! If you find one throughout the year, or if you come to visit before Frosh, post it on instagram and tag us @woodsworthfrosh ! Maybe we’ll see you there during the school year!