6 Places to See When You are in the 6ix

Whether you are brand new to Toronto or have lived in the GTA your whole life, the city of Toronto is full of some of the most exciting, interesting, multicultural places in the world that we don’t want you to miss when you are coming to school here! We think that one of the greatest parts of attending the University of Toronto is that we are located within one of the most vibrant cities in the world, and what the city adds to your overall university experience is something you wont find anywhere else! Though every corner of this city is full of amazing things to see and experience, here are six places we think you can’t miss when you are here in the 6ix!

CN Tower and the Edge Walk

The most iconic image of Canada’s largest city, the CN Tower is a must see when you are here in Toronto. The views from the top of tower are breathtaking, and if you are brave enough, take a walk on the glass floor and look down 1135 feet to the city streets below! Pro tip! If you are going to go, take your group of friends in the middle of the day on a week day when it is less busy, and you can get up the tower faster, and spend more time on that glass floor!

For the most brave of you, the CN Tower has a new experience which was only started within the last few years, called the Edge Walk! You and your group of friends can take a walk on a ledge on the outside of the tower, completely hands free! Heart racing, exhilarating, with gorgeous views of Toronto, the CN Tower is a must do for anyone new to the city!

St. Lawrence Market

Ranked by National Geographic as the worlds best food market, the St. Lawrence Market is definitely a place to experience! Taste the best Toronto’s independent vendors have to offer with over 100 stalls of the most authentic, freshest foods in the city. There are tones of food specific events that occur throughout the year if you are a connoisseur of a particular kind of food like pizza or macarons, or if you are in the mood just for a great lunch, make sure to check out the famous pemeal bacon sandwiches at the Carousel Bakery!

The Hockey Hall of Fame

Ah Hockey, the great love of every Canadian’s life! Whether you are a Leafs fan or an avid Habs supporter, or are new to the world of Hockey and want to see just how dedicated us Canadians are to our great sport, The Hockey Hall of Fame is a Toronto, and Canadian destination! Take a stroll through memory lane with tributes to all of Hockey’s greats. The home of the famed Stanley cup and the largest collection of Hockey memorabilia in the world, The Hockey Hall of Fame is a great place to spend the afternoon getting in touch with your inner crazy Canadian hockey fan

Kensington Market

Kensington market is a beautiful, eclectic, multicultural neighbourhood in the heart of Toronto, just steps away from U of T’s St. George campus. A designated National Historical Site, whether you are in the mood for some authentic multicultural food, a cup of some gorgeous fair trade coffee or just feel like strolling through one of the most visually compelling areas of the city, we think you will be spending a lot of time there, we definitely do! The restaurants, shops and patios are a true Toronto experience!

West Queen West

Voted by Vogue Magazine as the one of the trendiest streets in the world, West Queen West has everything from independent boutiques to amazing art galleries to the greatest Ethiopian food in the city. Places like West Queen West are what make Toronto an international destination. Take in some live music at the Drake Hotel or sip on some specialty coffee from some amazing independent cafés and come to the realization for yourself why Toronto is getting recognition from bloggers all around the world for being surprisingly “cool”.

Toronto’s Historic Distillery District

Formerly the largest distillery in the world, the Distillery District is now a huge foot traffic only neighbourhood. With antique shops, art galleries, restaurants, cafés and the most gorgeous fairy lights displays during the holiday season in December, the distillery district is a little piece of Toronto’s history that is definitely worth seeing! And lucky for you all, we are taking you there during Frosh Week! We are taking an amazing haunted tour through the old distillery at dusk to take in the history and hear about the ghosts that are said to haunt these historic buildings! We are so excited to go; we think you are all going to love it!

Welcome to Frosh Week, From the OCs!


Sabrina and Chantal


Hey Wolfpack!

As your Orientation Coordinators (OCs), we’d like to introduce ourselves to you, and introduce you to Woodsworth Frosh Week 2015!

My name is Chantal Issa and I am honoured to be one of your orientation coordinators this year!   Some quick UofT facts about myself – I’m going into my fourth year and I will be graduating with a double major in political science and history and a minor in English (Yes it is a lot of reading). My favourite frosh memory is always hard to choose every year that I am asked as I’ve been involved or participated in frosh somehow each year! BUT if I had to pick a favourite frosh memory I would have to go with…. It hasn’t been made yet because I’m sure this frosh is going to leave such an impact and such a legacy that it will become my favourite frosh memory from my whole university career.

My name is Sabrina Lane-Smith, and along with my best friend Chantal, we are your orientation coordinators (OCs) this year! I’m currently entering my fourth year, double majoring in Classical Civilizations and American Studies, with a minor in Music. My favorite frosh memory changes every year I’m involved, but as of right now, is leading cheers during the parade throughout Toronto. I’m super excited for this upcoming Frosh week, when I’ll undoubtedly make too many new favorite memories to pick one.

Our vision for frosh this year can be looked at in two different ways. With our theme, we decided to take you on a trip around the world in order to celebrate the cultural diversity that is present in Toronto and UofT, welcome all students to Woodsworth no matter where your home is, and to ease some of the cultural shock some students may experience in such a multicultural and diverse city as Toronto. Our vision for the week is simple – we want you to have as much fun as possible and give you opportunities to put yourself out there and meet great people that week, by making sure we are welcoming, inclusive, safe, and educational, while overall preparing you for the UofT community. We want to lay the foundation for you to leave a legacy here at the University of Toronto that all started with once upon a time at frosh week!

Firstly, why I, Chantal, personally decided to apply for orientation coordinator is because what better way to start off my final year here. For me, Sabrina, I’ve always loved Frosh, and wanted to become more involved in Frosh and Woodsworth as a whole. We also wanted to ensure that all incoming first years were given the best welcoming to Woodsworth and what better to do that than help facilitate that welcome! Frosh is the perfect opportunity for students to get adjusted to the UofT community, meet some great people including some awesome upper years like yours truly, and just have fun before school starts! We’ve got some great activities and events planned – whether you’re an international or domestic student, more interested in the social events or maybe curious about the academics and life after frosh, or maybe you’re into athletics or creative activities. Long story short we’ve been working for 4 months trying to find a schedule that can appeal to everyone and we think we’ve finally done it! If you’re willing to take this journey with us and create a memory we promise you won’t forget, please check back in July for registration! We both hope to officially meet you all in September during what we hope is the best week of your university careers! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email us at frosh@woodsworthfrosh.com or write on our Facebook page!

And just remember … #1<3WW


Woody Woody Woody,

Chantal & Sabrina



Varsity Tailgate Party!

Varsity Tailgate Party Revealing our first surprise event of the summer! Get into that University of Toronto #BleedBlue pride early and come out with your Orientation team to watch the U of T Varsity Blues football team face off against the University of Windsor! We will be having Tailgate Party type fun in our Woodsworth quad before the game to get you into that UofT spirit! There will be lots of tattoos, face paint, and RedBull (the lifeline drink of the week!). Stay tuned for more info on this event and check out our schedule page to find out when this event will be happening!


Welcome To Your Woodsworth Frosh Website!

Welcome to your One Love, Woodsworth! My name is Kiah and I am the Marketing and Communications Manager on your Orientation Team for Frosh 2015! I am a proud Woodsworth College member and have been involved in Woodsworth Frosh every year of my university career, from a Froshee, to a Leader and now as a member of the OEC, Frosh has always been my favourite part of university! My favourite memory from every year of Frosh is always singing our Woodsworth cheers during the parade through the streets of Toronto, that is really the moment where I always feel most like a community and that’s the whole point of Frosh Week! I am so excited to make Frosh Week 2015 as amazing and memorable for you as it has been for me!

Welcome to the Woodsworth Frosh Week 2015 Website! Take a look around; we have a lot of resources and information on here for you! Learn some of Woodsworth Frosh’s favourite cheers; look through our pictures from last year’s Frosh Week and listen to some music to get you in that Woodsworth College Frosh Week mood! Over the next few months I will be communicating with you future Wolf Pack members through this website, and through our social media accounts about all things Woodsworth Frosh! Follow us here, and on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date with special announcements about surprise events and contests that will be happening as we get closer and closer to Woodsworth Frosh Week 2015!

Throughout the summer, the Home page of our website will be your one stop shop for all things university! Information about Frosh week, campus life, academics, and campus groups you will encounter on U of T’s campus will be posted by some of our favourite members of the Woodsworth College community so that when you arrive at Woodsworth College for the greatest week of fun memories in September, you’ll feel like you’ve always been here! Make sure you check back every week so you don’t miss anything!

We are so excited to have you here for the greatest Frosh Week Woodsworth College has ever had! Remember to follow us on social media, like our Facebook page and keep checking back to the website and our blog posts throughout the summer so that you can stay connected to the Woodsworth College Frosh community! Make sure to use the hashtag #1loveWW to keep in touch with me as we get closer to you arriving at your new home away from home!


Woodsworth College Frosh, We’re Going Places!